Kombinasi Single Linkage Dengan K-Means Clustering Untuk Pengelompokan Wilayah Desa Kabupaten Pemalang

  • Sintiya Institut Teknologi Telkom Purwokerto
  • Tri Ginanjar Laksana Institut Teknologi Telkom Purwokerto
  • Nia Annisa Ferani Tanjung Institut Teknologi Telkom Purwokerto
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K-Means is very dependent on determining the center cluster initial which has an impact on the quality  of clusters resulting, in addition to determining the center of cluster the number of k that will be used it can also affect the quality of the cluster from the method K-Means. Poverty is mostly experienced by rural communities, this can be seen from the lack of existing facilities to serve the interests of the community in various fields. To avoid the imbalance that occurs, a development plan is needed in accordance with the characteristics of the welfare of the people in the region. Therefore, we need an effort to group villages so that policy making is right on target. One of the algorithms clustering that is commonly used is the K-Means algorithm because it is quite simple, easy to implement, and has the ability to group large data groups very quickly. However, the K-Means algorithm has a weakness in determining the center cluster initial given. Initialization of centers cluster randomly may result in formation clusters changing (inconsistent). For this reason, the K-Means method needs to be combined with the hierarchical method in determining the center cluster initial. This combination method is called Hierarchical K-Means which is a combination of methods hierarchical and partitioning, where the process is hierarchical used to find the initial center initialization cluster and the process partitioning to get the cluster optimal. The hierarchical method used in this study is the method single linkage. Based on the method Elbow , the recommended amount of k for this study is k = 4.The combination of the single linkage and k-means algorithms with k = 4 in this study results in avalue silhouette coefficient of 0.685 which is a feasible or appropriate cluster category, while the evaluation measurement by Davies The Boulldin Index yielded a value of 0.577. 

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