Studi Kasus Pemilihan Jenis Runner pada Injection Molding Plastik

  • Puji Basuki Universitas Pandanaran
  • Agustien Zulaidah Universitas Pandanaran
  • Ricka Prasdiantika Universitas Pandanaran
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Keywords: cavity hot runner, injection molding, plastic


Injection molding is one of the most widely used methods of the plastic production process. This is indicated by grow up of mold makers company. Based on the placement of the filling channel into cavity, they are 2 (two) types. The first is cold runner or convensional and the second is hot runner. The purpose of this research is to collect advantages and disadvantages of each based on a case study. So that it can be taken into consideration in determining the appropriate runner. The research was conducted on a cold runner mold which was then modified using a hot runner. The comparison before and after the modification results in the runner weight ratio dropping from 60% to zero percent. The step of the mold opening decreased from 170 mm to 75 mm or by 44%.

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