Optimalisasi Vigenere dan Beaufort Cipher Menggunakan Teknik Fibonacci Untuk Citra Digital

  • Danang Wahyu Utomo Universitas Dian Nuswantoro
  • Chirsty Atika Sari Universitas Dian Nuswantoro
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Keywords: cryptography, vigenere cipher, beaufort cipher, fibonacci, digital image


One of the most popular Cryptographic Algorithms is the Vigenere Cipher Algorithm. Until now, digital crime or cybercrime in Indonesia continues to increase, one of the cybercrime actions that often occurs and is quite dangerous is the occurrence of leakage, manipulation, and misuse of digital data. The purpose of this research is as a way to overcome data leakage cases by utilizing the Vigenere and Beaufort Cipher Algorithms and optimization of the Fibonacci Technique which is applied to digital image data. The results of this study obtained the highest entropy value of 7.991. Tests carried out using UACI on RGB ciphers yielded a percentage value of 44% and 44.3% for CMY ciphers. While the results for the highest NPCR value were obtained from RGB image ciphers of 99.8% and CMY image ciphers of 99.8%. With the acquisition of these values, it can be concluded that the encryption process carried out can run well. In addition, the resulting image still has good quality with the acquisition of an entropy value close to 8. Another conclusion, with the value shown by the NPCR results, means that the cipher image has a very low similarity when compared to the original image. For the decryption process, it was concluded that the process was going well, as evidenced by the value of the deciper image which was exactly the same as the original image, indicated by the MSE, UACI, NPCR is 0, and PSNR is inf values.

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