Studi Eksperimental Unjuk Kerja Motor Diesel Putaran Stasioner dengan Campuran Bahan Bakar Biodiesel Buah Nyamplung

Yuliyanti Dian Pratiwi, Sutarno Sutarno, Warso Warso


The development of technology at this time and the pattern of human life which continues to experience development results in an increasing need for energy, so that the availability of energy from non-renewable fossil fuels is decreasing, and it is even predicted that it will run out over time. One of the most prospective vegetable oil sources for use as raw material for biodiesel is the result of the processing of nyamplung seeds (Calophyllum Inophyllum L). This is because nyamplung seed oil is not included in the category of food needs, so its use as biodiesel will not interfere with human food needs. The purpose of this research is to find out how much tosi and seta sfc power to the mixture of biodiesel fuel from nyamplung fruit. This research uses experimental studies with research that has been done to produce Power, Torque, and Sfc from a mixture of 20% of 1.72kW, 10,955Nm and the value of increase down 10.08%. Percentage of 30% 1,692kW, 10,777N.m and the value increase / decrease -1.09%. The percentage is 40% 1,719kW, 10,949N.m and the rate is up / down 5.77% for Dexlite. Percentage 20% 1,722kW, 10,968N.m and 4.63% increase / decrease value. Percentage of 30% 1,710kW, 10,891N.m and value increase / decrease 6.52%. The percentage was 40% 1,722kW, 10,968N.m and the value increased by 5.95% for Pertamina DEX.


Diesel Motor; Nyamplung Oil; Motor Performance


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