Bimbingan Teknis Guru dan Kepala Sekolah Dalam Menyusun Modul Ajar Pada Kurikulum Merdeka

  • Agus Mulyanto Universitas Islam Nusantara Bandung
  • Okke Rosmala Dewi Universitas Islam Nusantara Bandung
  • Asep Deni Normansyah Universitas Pasundan Bandung
  • Fidya Arie Pratama Institut Agama Islam Bunga Bunga Bangsa Cirebon
  • Agus Nurkholiq Kepolisian Republik Indonesia
  • Ismail Hasim BAZNAS Kabupaten Bekasi
  • Mujiyatna Kementerian Pendidikan Republik Indonesia
  • Maesaroh IAI NU Kebumen
  • Sri Tubillah Noor Al Lathif Islamic International School
  • Siti Honiah Mujiati MIN 1 Purbalingga
  • Masyudi Yayasan EMIISc
  • Rhani Sri Ervina SMAN 5 Kota Sukabumi
  • Prihatining Tyas PT Bank Rakyat Indonesia, Tbk
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This Community Service Activity was held because the competency demands required by teachers in the independent curriculum were getting higher. Therefore Technical Guidance was expected to be one of the solutions for every teacher and school. Because in this Technical Guidance, all information is presented operationally and technically, with competent sources, a short duration, and is not boring. So, Participants can take part in activities to improve their competence quickly. The research that underlies the preparation of this Community Service article is qualitative research with a descriptive method, where the descriptive study is research conducted to describe or describe the implementation of the Webinar and Bimtek, which includes themes, timeliness, atmosphere, the competence of resource persons, completeness of the material, service/attitude of the committee, and tools. Furthermore, the success of this Community Service activity can be measured starting from preparation, participation, implementation, and evaluation. This Community Service activity resulted in several products, including a 32 (thirty-two) hour certificate, from the Chancellor of the Nusantara Islamic University at Bandung, the Chancellor of the "45" Islamic University at Bekasi, and the BAZNAS at Bekasi City. In addition, Participants also received Technical Guidance material and assignment templates in preparing teaching materials for the Strengthening Pancasila Student Profile Project. This Community Service activity also resulted in several institutional collaborations as a form of academic concern

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