Substitusi Terigu dengan Tepung Kernel Biji Mangga pada Produksi Cookies

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Mango seed kernel flour contains high carbohydrates, besides that it also contains almost equal levels of protein and fat, so it has the potential to be used as a substitute for wheat flour in making cookies. This study examined the effects of tape yeast and tempeh yeast at concentrations of 1%, 2% and 3% and fermentation times of 15, 28 and 41 h, so there were 18 experimental units. The best results were obtained by using 2% tempeh yeast for 41 hours, namely 7.18% protein. Further optimization of the fermentation process study gave optimum results in the fermentation process of 2.23% tempeh yeast in 500 g of mango seed kernel flour for 41,04 h. Under these processing conditions, mango seed kernel flour can be produced with a protein content of 7.24%. Furthermore, for the application of fermented mango seed kernel flour as a substitute for wheat flour in making cookies, the best results were obtained at a ratio of 30% mango kernel flour and 70% wheat flour based on the taste and aroma of the cookies product. Substitution of wheat with mango kernel flour is only feasible organoleptically at a maximum level of 30%.

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