Kajian Emisi Gas Rumah Kaca (GRK) dari Perkembangan Teknologi Elektrifikasi Baterai Ponsel Pintar

  • Amrizarois Ismail Universitas Katolik Soegijapranata Semarang
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Batteries as an energy source are no longer a newly recognized technology and their use has been a part of life for many years. Since 1800 AD the battery was invented by Alessandro Volta, an Italian physicist, the battery has undergone various developments ranging from form, function of use, to of course the amount of electric power or now known as MAH. Although the benefits of batteries are undeniable, it is the same as the phrase "There is no ivory that is not cracked", batteries also have the power to harm (bad) especially for the environment, including the contribution of carbon that produces Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions as one of the the cause of global warming (Global warming) which triggers climate change (Climate Change).

To find out, a quantitative study was carried out by calculating the energy conversion of smartphone batteries using the carbone conversion principle in the IPCC formulation. The result shows that the use of smartphone batteries in the last decade has experienced a rapid increase starting from 25,179,840 tons of Co2 in 2011, in 2022 soaring to 302,158,080 tons of Co2. This shows a significant increase in GHG carbon emissions from the development and use of smartphone batteries, this figure accumulatively becomes a fairly large burden on the environment.

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Amrizarois Ismail, Universitas Katolik Soegijapranata Semarang
Dosen Prodi Rekayasa Infrastruktur dan Lingkungan Unika Soegijapranata Semarang

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